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Sports Physiotherapy

Scope of Work

● Physical Therapy Evaluation including Musculoskeletal Screening)
● Injury Prevention (Via principles of Strength & Conditioning)
● Injury Rehab (Recover, Relearn & Restore, Posture correction)
● Therapists: Certified with advance qualification in the subject
● Evidence Based : Pre-emptive, first hand research having worked with multi sport athletes
● Diagnosis of root cause: Not just short term relief; get totally pain free; strengthening to avoid reoccurence, apply monitoring systems to flag off potential injuries

● Tailor made solutions: No one size fits all theory; Every client is treated as an individual, and given a personalized plan

● Therapies: Manual, Dry needling, Cupping and Electrotherapeutic modalities

“If Doctors Save Lives, Then A Physiotherapist Makes It Worth Living”

Services available at

The Fundamentals Of Sports, 1st Floor, Sindhudurg Bhawan
Suresh Nagar, Andheri (W), Mumbai -400047

Home Visits

Schedule of Charges

Sessions Package Price* (INR) Validity
6 sessions
3 weeks
12 sessions
6 weeks
24 sessions
12 weeks
36 sessions
16 weeks

*Per session price at clinic@ INR 1200/- a session|** Home Visits @ INR 1500/- a session